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The Key to a Successful Reset

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Reading these words—vacation, holiday, break—likely brought you a feeling of joy. And it’s no wonder: in a world where stress levels are high, everyone craves time away to relax and recharge—and knows that this is how they will tackle their goals with fresh energy.The trouble? An all-or-not anything mentality. Too frequently a well-deserved break will become a complete interference: a few days off becomes a month of no training. every week makes us dread what we’re doing.

The reason it feels so tough to get back on your game is that you probably define a “break” as a do-nothing period. What we really need is some flexibility.

How to Rev Back Up Again

You need a little push to get you going once you’re ready to return. Try these strategies to psych up fast.

Align with your why

Ask yourself what are your goals and why you’ve set that goal. Do you want to feel more energized? Happier? More present? Keep asking yourself why until you reach the reason that’s so deep, it hits you like a punch in the gut. Think of that whenever you need a push.

Win the conversation.

We all have an inner voice that’s constantly feeding us information, often it’s self-defeating. Deliberately talk back to that voice — repeat your “why” and what you’re committed to — and the voice will get quieter and less convincing.

Give yourself a countdown.

To immediately get moving, think “3, 2, 1, go.” Employing a simple countdown gives you a feeling of control and convinces your brain that you’ve already made the decision to take action. building confidence. Is the key to success as you go.

Make it feel easier.

When you’re really struggling to get back to your old routine, figure out a way to make it feel less like a struggle. Try listening to music you love, that extra ease can help you find the energy to get after it again.

If you still find yourself falling into a mental block, think of your future self. When it comes to your training, diet, hobbies or social commitments, Will the future you thank or curse you in the future when your “break” is over? Do what you can to make yourself happy down the road and you’ll naturally set yourself up for a successful reset and progress in the long run.

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