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The Happy Hours of Training

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The Happy Hours of Training

Everyone knows that exercise helps you feel good, but it can be hard to know when to work out, how much time to spend on a workout, and what else to eat besides your post-workout protein shake. Luckily for us, scientists have been studying these questions for decades! In this article we’ll explore the science behind fitness and well-being so that you can make the most of your workouts and workouts alike.

The Happy Hours of Training

The most productive time to train is in the morning. The best time to train is when you feel energized and motivated, but that’s not always possible with a busy schedule. If you have an important meeting or appointment later in the day, it may be best for your training session to take place after work or on weekends when there are fewer distractions.

The key here is finding what works best for YOU–and sticking with it!

How can you get more out of your training?

Rest. Your body needs time to recover and repair itself after training. If you don’t rest, your body won’t be able to adapt to the stress of exercise and performance will suffer.

Nutrition. Food has a huge role in recovery! Eating enough protein helps muscles rebuild themselves stronger than before; carbs fuel your brain and give energy; fats are essential for hormone production and cell membrane function; vitamins are needed for repairing damage caused by exercise (they’re also good for skin elasticity).

Sleep: Getting enough sleep is important for learning new skills, memory consolidation (i.e., forming memories), emotional regulation (i.e., controlling your emotions), creativity…the list goes on! So if you want to get more out of your training sessions? Get some quality shut-eye first!

When is the best time to train?

The best time to train is when you’re in a good mood. If you are tired or stressed, it will be harder for your body and mind to focus on what needs to be done. You’ll probably get less out of your workout because of this.

Your body also needs rest after working out, so try not to exercise too close to bedtime if possible!

What should you eat before and after a workout?

Carbohydrates and protein are the most important nutrients to eat before and after a workout. These foods provide energy, which helps you to feel less tired, recover faster from your training session and improve performance during future workouts.

Eat within an hour before or after exercise to help prevent feeling tired or getting sick during your workout.

Foods that are easy for your body to digest will provide the most benefit during this time period because they won’t sit in your stomach while exercising. Examples include fruits such as bananas or apples; vegetables like carrots and broccoli; wholegrain breads (with no spreads); pasta dishes with sauces made from fresh ingredients rather than canned sauces that contain preservatives; rice cakes topped with peanut butter or cheese slices; yogurt mixed with fruit cut into small pieces then chilled until firm enough not fall off spoon when being eaten

It’s okay to get fatigued – it keeps you honest!

The first thing to remember is that it’s okay to get fatigued. It’s a sign that you’re working hard, and there is no magic formula for getting the most out of your training.

You should never push yourself beyond your physical limits just because someone tells you that doing so will help build muscle faster or make other exercises easier in the future. Instead, focus on what feels good and safe for your body at this moment in time – even if that means taking breaks during a workout!

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