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Rebounding After a Bad Performance

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Don’t let one bad game define you. A bad game or even subpar performance is part of the game but does it have to ruin your experience? No, the more it becomes embedded in your mind. Reliving a bad game is training your mind to repeat poor performances in the future.
When you mentally rehearse a scenario repeatedly, you are more likely to perform that way in the future.
Meaning, a poor performance negatively affects your focus in two ways.

  • First, when you focus on the memory of a bad game, you lose focus in the game and during practice.
    A lack of focus in practice interferes with your skills and preparing for future performances.
  • Secondly, Reminiscing on a bad game creates a fear of failure. In a competition, fear takes your focus away from the game.

To overcome past losses or mistakes you need to have a short memory. Meaning, you should stop focusing on what has already happened. Bouncing back and focusing on both our mental skills.

  • First, determine your attitude. How you view events. Do you see a loss as a lesson or a lack of talent? Do you view success as a process?
  • Secondly, does your focus determine how well you will perform at the moment? Are you reliving past performances? Or the current competition?

If you can accept these components, you will vastly improve future performances.

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