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Introducing: PROLOOK Baseball

AllTeam Sportswear

To get the best uniform you will ever wear, we combine world class craftsmanship with the latest uniform innovation. Our craftsmanship is equal to that of leading brands in the industry and we are so confident in our uniform quality that we back your order with a lifetime manufacturing warranty. When it comes to structure, your options aren’t lacking. Reversibility, custom inseam length, extra length, mesh inserts, embroidered/sublimated logos, and multiple materials to choose from are just a few of your options. When it comes to design – the sky is the limit! Stick with straight colors or add sublimated designs into our inserts and cutouts. In a nut shell, if you can dream it, we can create it.

Twill Jersey:

PROLOOK’S traditional material is made from polyester that is durable and a quality that lasts. PROLOOK’s modern material pro mesh and LTX which offer breathability to keep athletes cool. Modern materials are also light weight, making athletes faster and able to perform at their best. PROLOOKS twill uniforms are the most popular choice because once you have it in your hands you’ll understand why over 44,000 clients choose PROLOOK over competitors.

Sublimated Jersey:

The new sublimated baseball uniforms have no limit to design. The possibilities are endless. Jersey’s come in EXT Poly – a durable and long last material, LTE Fit – Light with 4-way stretch and wicks sweat away from the body so athletes can stay cool and comfortable, and RD104 – a fabric that is comfortable and breathable without sacrificing durability. All baseball jerseys have the option to be V-neck, two button, faux button, and full button. Sleeve options are short sleeve and sleeveless. Sublimation uniforms are a great option if you are looking for lightweight durability and breathability.

Infused Jersey:

Why settle for just twill or just sublimation? You can have best of both worlds with PROLOOK Sports. Choose to have a cool design inside your name or number no problem. We also offer sublimation of designs on inserts as well as the base of the jersey itself. The 100% customizable option makes it a breeze designing your perfect uniform.

Sublimated Pants:

PROLOOK sublimated pants give you the option to customize to your hearts content. With countless pattern and color pairings, your team will truly look one of a kind on the field. Our cuff options include, open-cuff, elastic, and nicker style. All cuff choices allow the athlete to play to their best ability without becoming distracted by irritation.

Custom Pants:
PROLOOK’S custom pants have a built-in gusted crotch allowing for optimal sliding and comfort. Custom Embroidery and piping options allow for amazing design and look. With our many cuff options, athletes will be able to play their best while being as comfortable as possible. Cuff options include: open cuff, stir-ups, elastic cuffs, or knicker style.

If you’re looking for innovative, quality, custom uniforms that you and your team can feel confident and excited about, AllTeam Sportswear is your place! We have designers on call to help you design your fully customizable uniform. Call us today at 1-801-900-4005 to design your custom uniform mock-up!


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