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AllTeam Sportswear

At AllTeam Sportswear, its simple – ordering custom is the only way to go. However, for those coaches out there knee-deep in the custom vs. stock discussion , we’re here to familiarize you. Here are three reasons you should choose custom uniforms over stock uniforms.

You get exactly what you want

When it comes to stock– your options are limited. Stock comes in certain styles, colors, and up-charges for things like last names on the back of a uniform. When you choose custom, you’re allowed to choose exactly what you want and how you want it. Here at AllTeam Sportswear, When it comes to design – the sky is the limit!

You can order year-round

Stock takes longer to make, which is why all big brands stop offering jerseys after April. When you order a custom uniform from AllTeam Sportswear, there are no cut-off dates for ordering and we can get your uniforms to you in as little as 7 days.

It’s cost efficient

Coaches want quality and they want their team to look good. PROLOOK uniforms are proven to last season after season after season which helps keep costs low and allows teams to wear the same uniform for years. Other manufacturers retire stock styles after 2 years, with AllTeam Sportswear, we never retire a style. If you need to order a few new uniforms with every season, we can replicate your uniforms regardless of how long ago you ordered the originals. Plus, no other manufacture offers a lifetime warranty on their uniform – that’s hard to beat.

As the list goes on, we could go on and on. But in conclusion, customization is a given. If you’re looking for innovative, quality, custom uniforms that you and your team can feel confident and excited about, AllTeam Sportswear is your place! We have designers on call to help you design your fully customizable uniform. Call us today at 1-801-900-4005 to design your PROLOOK uniform mock-up!

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