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Carbon emissions into performance uniforms

AllTeam Sportswear

Innovation is at the heart of our brand, and after years of intense research, At AllTeam Sportswear, we’re convinced that innovation is pivotal to cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Fabric waste is a massive problem within the apparel industry. Every year, over 90 million tons of fabric makes its way into landfills. That’s the equivalent of a garbage truck full of fabric every second.

A team approach

Fabric waste itself is not the only thing that causes pollution in the sportswear industry. Another major polluter is packaging. Packaging accounts for 40% of all plastic pollution worldwide, contributing to polluted water and air and endangering our health. At AllTeam Sportswear, we seek to minimize the impact of our packaging by working with suppliers to get packaging that is made with recycled materials. Replacing our packaging with as much recycled plastic as we can, whenever possible, is estimated to help us save up to 500 pounds of virgin plastic in packaging this year. 

However, striving to ensure that each of our polyester bags contains recycled plastic is not enough, as using recycled material alone only saves plastic from going to landfills momentarily. That’s why, at AllTeam Sportswear, the overall goal is to utilize all fabric and plastic scraps, taken from our largest factories and made into pillows for the less fortunate. This helps us divert over 250 tons of fabric every year away from landfills and into products that can serve those who need them the most. We are showing the world what is possible when we rethink how we source, use and dispose of carbon. With these first-of-a-kind innovations, AllTeam Sportswear is setting the pace for developing a circular economy in sportswear. 

Show your support

It’s not only innovation that fuels these amazing initiatives. Take your ideas and run with them. Next time you’re out don’t ignore the wrapper on the floor ten feet from the bin, and explore what initiatives your local community are working on.  

We all have to start somewhere. Start now. 

Want to learn more about AllTeam Sportswear sustainability journey and how you can recycle plastic bags, visit for additional information and drop-off locations.

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