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A Beginner’s Guide to Ordering PROLOOK

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How a uniform looks is a big deal. There is an expectation of excellence that comes with a uniform that means something. Quality uniforms means looking clean, unified, elite, and intimidating. It may not be statistically proven, but we’re pretty damn positive that looking good means playing good.

There are some things to consider when creating and buying a uniform for your team. Obviously not all uniforms are created equal and the creative process can be a bit overwhelming at first. So, here is a beginner’s guide that can help you create a killer uniform; a jumpstart to your legacy of excellence.

Consider Material: 
There is an extensive variety of uniform materials PROLOOK offers. To make it easy, we’ll break down our most popular fabrics in our most popular sports.
  • Pro Flex – most popular base material
  • Pro Stepline Mesh – a stretchy mesh material mainly used for inserts and cut outs
  • Pro Stretch Mesh – a mesh material also used for inserts and cutouts slightly less stretchy than Stepline
  • LTX – our most popular base material
  • Pro Stretch Mesh – a stretchy mesh material mainly used for inserts and cut outs
  • Dazzle – has an old school, shiny vibe
  • Textured Micro Mesh – small hole mesh mainly used for inserts and cut outs
  • Textured Pro Fit – a textured, stretchy material

*note: all Basketball materials may be used as a base material

  • BSB Poly – most popular base material
  • Pro Stretch Mesh – a stretchy mesh material used for warmer climates
  • LTX – can be used as but proves to be slightly less durable when used for BSB/SFT
  • LTE FIT – a sublimated material
  • MTX Mesh – used as a back panel insert for increased ventilation
Consider Color: 
When designing your uniforms – be sure you know what specific color you want. Saying you want a “blue” jersey might result in a difference shade of blue than what you were expecting. For example, PROLOOK has 9 standard shades of blue (marlin, turquoise, aqua, carolina, columbia, royal, dark royal, navy, and dark navy). Our online builder is pretty dang accurate when it comes to colors, however, you can always request a fabric pantone sample be sent to you so you know exactly how the color will turn out on your chosen material.
Consider Font: 
The font you chose can drastically change the look of your uniform. Through our builder you can decide what font you want and see how it looks on the uniform you are building. Here’s a list of our most popular fonts by sport to get you started.
  • Full block
  • State
  • Demonized
  • Blade
  • Dodger Script
  • Fancy
  • Cobalt
  • Blade
  • Spartan
  • Cobalt
  • Athletic Block
  • Varsity Block
  • Full Block
Consider Replication: 
See a design you love on a professional league team? Let us know. Our designers can create something similar that is specific to your team.
Consider Design: 
You can stick with straight colors, but you don’t have to. Add some sublimated designs into your inserts and cutouts to make your uniforms truly unique.
Some of our popular designs include:
  • Camo
  • Digital Camo
  • Dots
  • Half-tone Dot fade
  • One-tone or Two-tone fade
  • Arrows
  • Stripes

We want the process of designing your PROLOOK uniforms to be exciting, easy, and efficient. Please call us if you have any questions or need advice on the design of your uniforms. 801-900-4005


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